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Ricerca partner per la realizzazione di un Parco Eolico da 132 MW
Ricerca partner per la realizzazione di un Parco Eolico da 132 MW

Inserito da      Wind farm

Settore: Energia e ambiente

Inserito il 26-01-2017

Piattaforma: Proposte di Partnership

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"S.C. AN.GI.FE. HELIX S.R.L. has developed a large Wind Farm Project in Tulcea, eastern Romania. The designed plant will produce 132Mwh, steadly providing at full supply of power and annually prviding a 21 millions Euros income stream annually at it's lowest level. We have already secured an indicative commitment for 90% of the necessary funds and are now in a position to discuss a serious financial or technical Investor capable of providing the remaining 10%. Finance has been secured by an initial agreement with Archvale Finance Pty Ltd (www.archvalefinance.com), an Australian based company capable of funding this size project who specializing in project finance. Archvale has initially agreed to finance 90% of the project costs. 1) The Company S.C. AN.GI.FE. HELIX S.R.L., hereafter also referred to as 'Angife Helix"", was founded in 2014 in Tulcea, Romania, by dr. Federico Grimaldi with the purpose of designing, building, running and marketing power plants and especially wind farms along with his team, who will be assembled at the appropriate time. 2) The opportunity In order to fund this very profitable project, Tulcea Wind Farm project, S.C. AN.GI.FE. HELIX S.R.L. will require a 10% equity Investor. We are now in a position to seek a person or company capable of providing the 10% (circa 18 Millions €) in exchange for a profit share. The investment will exempt of all costs associated with securing the 90% finance. Those costs will be born by Angife Helix. The equity will provide our Investor, in the worst case scenario, a very minimum of a 2,1 million annual return on investment. Our calculations are based on the Green Certificates at their minimum value (set by the regulator), and the cost of energy constantly set at the same value which had on average for the first quarter of 2015 these returns. (latest official data published by the regulator). Even though we have used these calculations, we anticepate the income to be higher with an annual growth for two fundamental reasons: - the regulator lifted the one year lifespan limitation to the Green Certificates, opening the possibility for the energy producer to hold selling until favorable prices are reached by the market. Incomes from Green Certificate sales becuase of this will be considerably higher than the considered worst case scenario. - the incomes deriving from the actual electricity sale are naturally expected to grow, while our worst scenario considers the last available official data published by the Romanian Energy Authority, that the first quarter of 2015 average price provided. For reference, the new Romanian policies are meant to put the internal energy market in line with the European market trends, which in the 2006-2016 period saw a 67%-73% increase (depending on the specific sector). Angife Helix already completed the whole designing phase (anemological studies included), obtained all the necessary official documentation, draft contracts and secured all the necessary agreements where necessary. 2) The Renewables sector in Romania The European Union accepted that climate change is one of the greatest economic, social, and environmental challenges of our time. In 2001 the EU passed its directive on the promotion of electricity produced from renewable energy sources in the internal electricity market. By this significant step in fighting climate change member States are committed to reach within year 2020 a 20% quota of energy produced by renewable sources. In order to sustain a switch to renwables as the sources of choice for energy production, the UE put in place various price-driven and quantity-driven forms of incentives. Romania in particular conceded very high incentives, rapidly becoming the European heaven for a renewable energy industry. After the market crisis, few Eropean Countries, Romania included, in 2013-2014 took a few steps back, curtailing part of such incentives in order to lower their weigth on the end energy users. Romania even more then the others is now reconsidering such a decision, that had the sole effect of making huge energy players like Enel Spa, Cez AS and GDF Suez and many other smaller companies putting on hold their investment plans because of the very idea of longer than expected returns on investment with relevant fall-out on the economy and on the very capability of Romania to meet its commitments with the UE within the year 2020, that was once considered a given fact. On the verge of being increased again, the most remarkable incentive enjoyed by renewable energy producers is, among others, the implementation of a support scheme based on Green Certificates (GCs) trading, combined with a mandatory GCs acquisition quota. GCs are assigned proportionally to the total energy produced by renawables throughout the solar year and traded separately form the electricity itself in a higly regulated market. 3) TULCEA Wind Farm Project Overview The TULCEA Wind Farm Project, which forms part of a larger project, consists in the construction and management of a 132 MWh total output wind farm, which will be spread accross the Tulcea County, Romania, and specifically on three lots named CASIMCEA, DAENI 1 and DAENI 2, after their respective Communes names. The Farms will consist of: Casimcea Plant - n°8 VESTA V112 turbines, 3.45MW Each, 27 MWh Total Power Output, 3100-3400 working hours/year Daeni 2 Plant - n°15 VESTA V112 turbines, 3.45MW Each, 51 MWh Total Power Output, 3100-3400 working hours/year Daeni 1 Plant - n°16 VESTA V112 turbines, 3.45MW Each, 54 MWh Total Power Output, 3100-3400 working hours/year Our project has a 3 year time of completion, at a total implementation cost of 182.445.000 € and a virtual absence of risk because of its being based on a well known and predictable technology and granted minimum incomes thanks to the State subsidies granted to the renewables industry sector. Variable in time within a defined and regulated range, even when considered in a worst case scenario projected throughout the whole lifespan of the plant in terms of both income and plant output (power output x up time), such subsidies allow for a maximum payback period of 10 years. The project provides for the sequential operation of complete funtional units each one consisting of 7-8 generators to allow for receiving income starting from the very first year. The Total Output and the resulting income will increase each time a new functional unit is completed, up to a full capacity of 132Mwh output/21 Millions income per year that will be achieved by the end of the third year. 3) Project Income sources The Wind Farm income will be derived through two sources, both of which will provide a total yearly output: 1) Energy sale 2) Green Certificates Energy Sale incomes: given a constant power output from the farm, this component of the income is dependant upon the actual market price of the energy, which is currently about 27,4 €/MWh in a physiological slow growth. Even though considered constant in our 10 years break even calculation, it is obviously bound to grow in time. The energy seller is paid at the end of each year. Green Certificates: GC are also assigned a plant on the base of its past solar year total power output which is fixed by law on a GC/MWh ratio. For each MWh produced by using wind energy before December 2017, the Romanian Authority (OPCOM) assigns 1.5 GC, for each MWh produced after 2017 0.75 GC are assigned. Unitary GC value is defined by a highly regulated market, with MAX and MIN values fixed by the relative Authority (ANRE), presently at 27€ and 55€. As a consequence of the Governments choices in the renewables sector, GCs market value has being stable for several months at 30€, just above its minimum. Our decision to base our plan calculation as if CGs value would constanttly mantain such value for the whole considered period, the we expect to have the renewables sector allow for higher GC prices and for a more active, less flat market. A non stable market value is actually a potential resource of higher income, as today CG can be negotiated within one year since their assignment and therefore is possible for us to wait for better prices before selling. 4)Present State of the Project A) plant designing and executive planning are completed and ready to be carried out B) the following documents and certifications have been produced/obtained: 1- Detailed, 24 month lasting anemologic survey of the lots, with productive potential asessment and optimal generation units positioning 2- 32 years landlease contracts relative to the non owned lots have been formally agreed upon and will be signed once Angife Helix will be able to make the relative payment. 3- land lots proper designation by the administrative zoning Authority for all the involved land lots 4- Cadastral certificates relative to all the land lots 5- All the necessary building permits are in place 6- Contracts for the connections to ENEL and Transelettrica transportation grids 7- Regulatory Authority for Energy Authorization 8- Ministry for the Environment Authorization 9- Ministry of Air Authorization 10- Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Ministry Authorization 11- Ministry of Agricolture Authorization 12- Ministry of Cultural Heritage Authorization 13- Water Authority AuthRenewables sector in Romania 14- Rometelecom Authorization for the fiberoptics infrastructure 15- The offtake contracts draft from both ENEL and TRANSELETTRICA has been already obtained. Even though necessarily due to be revised once the High-to-Medium voltage transformer substations will be tested, having these drafts already assigned will grant a very quick start of the energy sale once the very first generation unit will be completed. C) A preliminary agreement is already in place with the Project Financer Archvale Finance Pty Ltd (www.archvalefinance.com), which will provide us with 90% of the total project cost, as soon as an Investors agreement is completed and fuding made available 6) INVESTORS If you have an interest in a Techincal/Financial Investment, with a very substantial secured return, or wish to discuss this very exciting energy venture please contact us through our financial advisor Marco Genovesi at his mobile number ' +39 380 188 0014 ' or via email at 'angifehelixsrl@yahoo.ro': We look forward to hearing from you. Dr. Federico Grimaldi, C.E.O. "


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