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I am looking for partners ref. Locations, Tourism and Advertising (MED - EurAmerica)
I am looking for partners ref. Locations, Tourism and Advertising (MED - EurAmerica)

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Settore: Turismo

Inserito il 15-02-2013

Piattaforma: Proposte di Partnership

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"I am looking for reliable partners in the most beautiful and/or interesting locations in the world for the development of an exciting new business in the areas of tourism promotion and advertising on the web through one of the most visited channels in the internet planet. The best technology in the world in the segment 'webcams-video-streaming-live-online', the growing attraction to the animated web sites, the ability to provide real-time information about the concerned areas, the magic to explore, learn and experience new environments or participate in events around the globe with a single click, as well as the power of a sophisticated software that allows a perfect visibility of video streaming with an indefinite number of simultaneous visitors, are the perfect ingredients for a system of ""Global Web Promoting and Advertising"" that lends itself to revolutionize the world of video communication, promotion of the territory, the spread of events, traditions and cultures, and advertising meant as 'amplified message"", global visibility of the brand and company image. The proposed partnership covers the allocation of an exclusive area, the performance of an easy business activity free of competition, the ability to manage a business independently and with high profits. It is aimed in particular to tourist companies or marketers, advertising agencies, real estate agencies, services companies, entrepreneurs, professionals and/or individuals with entrepreneurial inclination for beautiful environment, tourism and business. No technical/professional experience needed. No investment required. For information and introductory interview send your short presentation and contact details including phone number, Skype name and website if available. "