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Lockheed Martin Earth Observation Satellite
Lockheed Martin Earth Observation Satellite

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We are creating technologies to explore Earth’s climate, terrain, interior and oceans, unlocking greater knowledge that promises to yield solutions that will improve our quality of life.

The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite R-Series, or GOES-R, will improve forecasting quality and timeliness, generating significant benefits to the nation in the areas of climate monitoring, ecosystems management, commerce and transportation.

We were selected by GeoEye, Inc., to build the company’s next-generation, high-resolution, Earth-imaging satellite and associated command and control system, known as GeoEye-2. GeoEye-2 will deliver critical geospatial situational awareness and global security information to intelligence analysts, warfighters and decision makers.

Critical everyday services – such as banking, communications and navigation – enabled by satellites are being threatened by hundreds of thousands of objects and space debris orbiting the Earth. Space Fence will enhance the way the United States detects, tracks, measures and catalogs more than 200,000 orbiting objects and space debris with improved accuracy, better timeliness and increased surveillance coverage.

Lockheed Martin supports the National Science Foundation’s U.S. Antarctic Program through the Antarctic Support Contract, including infrastructure and operations. Our support ensures more than 700 scientists have what they need to perform more than 100 different science projects.

Lockheed Martin is creating new products for natural resource exploration, navigation and underground detection using the world’s only moving-based gravity gradiometer capabilities. Based on changes in gravity caused by rock density, voids and other naturally-occurring phenomenon, Lockheed Martin’s gravity gradiometers will provide insight that can be used for many purposes, including finding base metals, diamonds and salt deposits.