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EGM, Electricity and Gas Monitoring
EGM, Electricity and Gas Monitoring

Fornitore      TopView srl

Settore: Energia e ambiente

Prezzo: 4300 to 9600

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"EGM is a small 'plug&play' system, very friendly to end users. It allows you to track the energy consumption of gas and electricity with a time resolution of 10 minutes per sample, stored and sent periodically (usually once a day) to a CLOUD remote application: the energy manager, once built the user's profile, establishes the added value to provide ('Hey…, it seems you are not at home, but your utilities are almost fully operational! Didn't you forget to switch them off?') . EGM doesn't need power supply: a small LiPo battery assures almost two year of activity. When the battery is going to be discharged, the system launches an alarm (""...you must recharge the battery in three months, please provide..."") and the user takes the battery and recharges it by a usb charger, as for mobile phones. While battery is being recharged, the system continues to take energy or gas consumption without sending it to the CLOUD. The price of the system depends on quantities, in the range 43,00 - 96,00 euros (10K-100 pieces)."