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the PEN

Consulenza aziendale
LONDON (-) - Gran Bretagna

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  • Nome e Cognome: the PEN
  • CAP: EC4A 2AB
  • Città: LONDON
  • Provincia: -
  • Nazione: Gran Bretagna
  • Lingua preferita: IT
  • Sito web: https://www.thepen.online
  • Settore: Consulenza aziendale


the Pen™ member firms are territory experts and leaders in their jurisdictions. Each has broad knowledge and understanding of their respective markets: how those markets were developed, their peculiarities, their drivers and their rules and regulations. the Pen™ member firms work together fluidly and efficiently across borders. They can mobilize cross-border teams with the combined local perspectives needed to quickly interpret your opportunities and challenges.


Curriculum vitae

the Pen ™ is accredited and collaborates with national associations of professional categories, and concludes agreements for professional intervention projects throughout the national territory with trade associations and especially with the world of SMEs, participating in working tables for international projects as the World Trade Point Federation by UNCTAD. The network reports to Associates requests received for assistance from professional experts, reserving the right to select the most qualified scientific skills for each intervention.



the Pen ™ has adopted a management software to which each Asso- ciate has access with their credentials, for the management of cases with the collaboration of the other Associates, thus allowing compliance monitoring and any changes to the consultancy and treatment process, in order to make the professional service on time, with the necessary scientific excellence and according to the established fees.



In addition to the strategic partners highlighted on the company website, we are accredited by many country professional institution and by professional pension funds



Through close collaboration, information-sharing, training and inter-firm initiatives, the Pen ™ is an assurance of connected, on-the ground expertise in every market where you need to operate.
the Pen ™ It is therefore an operational network that in addition to reputation also thinks about the future of its Associates, accompanying them in the growth of their professional activity.


the Pen - Network di professionisti attivo in 143 paesi

Consulenza aziendale

the Pen è un network internazionale di professionisti attivo in 143 paesi e specializzato nell'erogazione di servizi alle imprese: consulenza aziendale, strategica, fiscale, legale, corporate management e outsourcing.

the Pen garantisce conformità agli standard professionali di alto profilo ed al controllo gestionale attraverso una piattaforma dedicata e procedure di controllo interno.

Il network eroga alle aziende committenti una completa gamma di servizi professionali, coordinati da un Team Leader dedicato quale referente, per soddisfare le più articolate esigenze di consulenza in armonico coordinamento con il management aziendale ed i professionisti di fiducia dell'impresa.

Per info e contatti: Dott. Marco Torri (Managing Director).

ALI Virtuale Expo 2022 - Dove l'innovazione finanziaria diventa sostegno per le imprese

Consulenza aziendale

SME Connect Italia, piattaforma collegata alla più grande associazione europea di PMI (www.smeconnect.eu) e global partner di the Pen, ti invita a partecipare alla stanza virtuale ALI Virtuale Expo 2022 organizzata con Azimut Marketplace alle ore 10:00 di Giovedì 7 Aprile 2022.

Argomenti e interventi

Credito, Fonti energetiche alternative, materie prime, sviluppi internazionali, queste alcune delle nuove sfide per le imprese soprattutto in questo momento di grande complessità globale.

Due giornate con economisti, investitori e imprenditori per confrontarsi sull’attuale situazione economica e individuare le possibili soluzioni, oltre i consueti canali tradizionali.

Due giornate FULL DIGITAL per aprire nuove strade alle imprese che necessitano di nuovi partner per la propria crescita:

• credito alternativo ai canali tradizionali
• equity come strumento di crescita
• fintech, le soluzioni per la finanza d’impresa
• oltre 30 conferenze
• incontri one2one con professionisti del settore
• matching e networking con imprenditori

Per registrarsi: https://alivirtualexpo.it/event-main/auth/registration