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elena antignani

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(NA) - Italia

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  • Nome Azienda:
  • Nome e Cognome: elena antignani
  • CAP: 80038
  • Città:
  • Provincia: NA
  • Nazione: Italia
  • Lingua preferita: IT
  • Sito web: Non disponibile
  • Settore: Turismo


Expert in developing and leading all aspects of HR operations in line with needs and priorities of organisation. Proficient in
hiring, managing, guiding, and training cross-functional teams to achieve business results. Skilled in creating, implementing,
and developing a people strategy. Ability to create an effective training and development plan. Solid capacity to develop
positive working relationships across the organisation in order to anticipate people-related needs, proactively address pain
points, and ensure operational excellence. Instrumental in delighting customers and ensuring service excellence at all
customer support touchpoints. Capacity to develop and execute actions plans with details on responsibility, accountability,
timelines, communication, and tracking. Dedicated to continuous improvement in HR policies, procedures, and practice


Curriculum vitae

Areas of Expertise
 Strategic Planning & Analysis
 Project Management
 Customer Service Management
 Issue & Conflict Resolution
 HR Management
 Recruiting & Staffing Initiatives
 Process Improvement
 Corporate Governance
 Stakeholder Root Cause Analysis
 Management
 Staff Leadership & Training
 Culture & People Management
Career Experience
Merielettra2, Naples 10/2010 – 12/2021
HR Manager
Managed all operations and processes relating to human resources, including providing answers on salary, relevant
legislation, leave, pension plans, vacation management, disputes, and transfers. Maintained strong relationship with staff
and identified and resolved staff conflicts and queries. Improved business performance through strategy development.
Assured the team’s development, monitoring and evaluation through human resources career planning and development.
Organised, planned, and supervised plant activities. Hired, trained, coached, and mentored staff members. Guided new
hires about company policies and procedures. Managed end-to-end operations of corporate events.
 Ensured continuous process improvement by organising and planning activities.
 Analysed and improved processes, practices, and methodologies associated with personnel tasks.
 Increased the sense of belonging and the degree of professional and personal satisfaction of workers through
employer branding and implementation of strategies.
 Reviewed and modified all processes as per company standards as well as introduced key performance indicators to
accomplish business objectives and effectively monitor workload.
 Established strong customer relationship (internal/external) and achieved maximum level of customer satisfaction by
delivering exceptional services and support.
 Enhanced business performance through close interaction with all departments of the company.
Il Giardino Restaurant, London 05/2010 – 08/2010
Start-Up Business Consultant
Increased business profitability by leading F&B operations, including restaurant, banquets, wedding functions, and parties.
Arranged and conducted orientations and exit interviews for part time and temporary employees. Implemented best services
management strategies to maintain the best possible standards regarding services, including maintenance cleanliness,
sanitation, and other facilities.
 Raised visibility with clients by implementing innovative solutions.
 Boosted business revenue and expanded awareness by developing sales and marketing strategy.
 Enhanced the entire workflow by identifying areas of improvement and recommending process enhancement plans.
 Obtained maximum level of customer satisfaction by coaching new staff in customer service skills, money
transactions, and conflict resolution.
The Colonnade 4 Stars Hotel, London 03/2009 – 03/2010
Supervisor Food & Beverage
Spearheaded end-to-end F&B operations, including banquets, restaurants, room service, Kitchen, lounge, storage rooms
bar, conferences organisation, wedding functions, and parties. Led overall recruitment process and designed effective
P a g e 2 | 3
training material for new hires. Prepared and designed menus for guests. Provided administrative support and managed
office operations.
 Ensured the best and promote service delivery to customers by monitoring and motivating staff.
 Displayed exceptional expertise in maintaining the best possible standards regarding services, including maintenance
cleanliness, sanitation, and other facilities.
 Designed and executed best sales development strategies that amplified sales by 50%.
Additional Experience
Team Manager Consultant (Fix contract) | World Wide – Outbound Call Centre, Milan 01/2008 – 06/2008
Property Company - Sales Manager | Immogroup Spa Pirelli Re Franchising & Co, Milan, Italy, 09/2005 – 07/2007
Property Company – Sales Team Leader | Immogroup Spa Pirelli Re Franchising & Co, Milan, Italy 08/2004 - 08/2005
Conference Organiser | T. A. O - Service Sector, Rome, Italy, 01/2004 – 08/2004
Assistant Back office & Front Office | Merielettra2 - Automotive & Industrial, Naples, Italy, 02/2000 – 02/2001
Assistant F&B | Camelot Club (Family Company), Naples, Italy, 01/1997 – 01/2000
University Degree Education and Training Sciences
University of Studies "Suor Orsola Benincasa" Naples
Professional Development
Mystery Guest Certificate Tourism legislation - ISO standard - Observation areas subject to analysis and evaluation - The
services of an accommodation facility: catering, laundry, fitness center, swimming pool - Evaluation criteria, standards analysis
and quality measurement - I strengths and weaknesses of a service: how to identify and evaluate them - Staff evaluation:
courtesy, professionalism, problem solving, self control - Complaint simulation and management - Perception of the quality
level of the services offered - Management of relations with the client - Guest experience and customer satisfaction - Tools
used for data collection and evaluation, design of a check list, compilation of feedback forms - Definition of objectives and
goals - How to create a concrete action plan, aimed at acting on the areas for improvement identified below of the evaluation
- Objectives and advantages of a company - Case study analysis - Fundamental aspects entals and abilities of a Mystery Guest,
creation of a freelancer, how to advertise, advantages of a Mystery Guest Certifications Issued:
Certificate of occupational safety course (Low Risk) | IET (European Institute of Tourism)- Via Alberico Albricci, Milan, 2020
Work Stress Prevention, How to invest in Employee Benefits to create value – Strategies and Tools to Manage People | AIDP,
Naples, Italy, 2017
Employer Branding, HR Metrics, Trade Union Negotiation Techniques, Soft Skills - Strategic Skills Management | AIDP, Naples,
Italy, 2016
Neuro-Linguistic Programming - Training (NLP) Language and Behavior Profile – Training (Lab Profile)
Systemic Linguistic Programming – Training (Systemic Approach), - Master Advanced Business Success - | Studio Pirovano
Consulting, Milan, Italy, 2005 - 2006
Outdoor Training – Leadership & Team working
Safety and Environment
Lean Management
Measure the Performance of Human Resources and Training
Fly Course / Mental Attitude / Time Management / Communication Skills / leadership skills / persuasive communication /
public speaking / body language / transactional analysis | HRD di Roberto Re - Naples, Italy, 2015
Payroll Course | Temporary, Milan, Italy, 2012
Human Resources Management | Formatemp, Milan, Italy, 2012
Life Coaching Course | International Coaching Academy, London, UK, 2009
Management and Personnel Selections | Training Management Service, Milan, Italy, 2008
Human Resources Management | Pier Piero Pirelli Institute, Milan, Italy, 2007
Selling & Acquisition Skills, Effective Communicational Skills, Negotiations Techniques | Pier Piero Pirelli Institute, Italy, 2004
Communicational Skills, Management Skills and Advanced Selling Techniques | Formas Communication Engineering,
Bologna, Italy, 2003 to 2004

P a g e 3 | 3
Associated | A.I.R.A (Italian Association Welcome and Receptivity – Hospitality Industry), Sep 2020 – Present
Associated | AIDP (Italian Association Personnel Management), Oct 2014 – Oct 2020
Junior Adviser Group | CONFAPI NAPOLI, May 2014 – Feb 2015
Italian (Native) | English (Fluent) | Spanish (Good