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Aldo Calosso

Manager ST_UP_&CO
Torino (TO) - Italia

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  • Nome Azienda: ST_UP_&CO
  • Nome e Cognome: Aldo Calosso
  • CAP: 10100
  • Città: Torino
  • Provincia: TO
  • Nazione: Italia
  • Lingua preferita: IT
  • Sito web: Non disponibile
  • Settore: Manager


Journalist of the sector I have written articles and books for many newspapers and for many famous names


Curriculum vitae

Writer with many years of experience in the sector I have written for Italian and foreign newspapers I have the CAD book in 2109 I graduated in Turin in 1993 in Management Engineering I have certified in foreign languages at Oxford in England and then in America. I lived a period in France I speak Spanish and I am passionate and patented in international diving rescue in France and Spain where I undertook and passed the exams together with the German friendship. I am a professional photographer. Over the past five years I have written many articles.



I started writing together with my godmother with a degree in literature and director and president of Turin's GAM in Turin, the commander of the school Dr. Gen. Vichi taught me a lot and Quaglieni himself addressed me. I always try to stay in the center even if my political idea is similar to that of my godfather Gen. Paratore del Genio. My dad raised me with the ideals of S.p.A. where I am a consultant.



I really want the & CO. is very large, so I want to ask you to join in large numbers.



Mein erster Soloausflug war direkt in Deutschland, was für mich vor allem anderen steht.
Die Ergebnisse sind vielfältig. Ich habe von meinem Freund Nosal und von demselben Avv. Almirante das wahre Schicksal der Nationen gelernt. Immer mit dir.
The results are many, I learned from my friend Nosal and from the same Avv. Almirante the true destiny of nations. Always with you.