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Graffi Costanzo

Vice Presidente AECOM
Edilizia e lavori pubblici
Milano (MI) - Italia

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  • Nome Azienda: AECOM
  • Nome e Cognome: Graffi Costanzo
  • CAP: 20143
  • Città: Milano
  • Provincia: MI
  • Nazione: Italia
  • Lingua preferita: EN
  • Sito web: www.aecom.com
  • Settore: Edilizia e lavori pubblici


Strategy and Business Development Director within the Construction and Infrastructures technologies and Engineering services with over 20 years experience. Strong networker and experienced in multicountry development activities, particularly at EMEA-I level and across multiple sectors, from transportation to energy and multifunction facilities. Speaks 5 languages.


Curriculum vitae

MSc in Civil Engineering and PhD in Pavement Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino. Over 15 years experience in Strategy and Business Development with International and Global organizations, such as Scott Wilson (3 years), Maire Engineering (9 years) and AECOM, in the past 5 years.



Based in Italy but operating across geographies.



Experienced in managing efficient partnerships with both global and local companies.



Strong work winning track record on transformational and large projects, such as the Lyon Turin High Speed Railway, Copenhagen Metro, Etihad Railways, West Link in Sweden, Road Network asset management transformational programs in the Middle East, Large EV Battery plants facilities to name the most representatives.
Always exceeded bookings targets and set new strategy anticipating market trends and dynamics. Strong believer in partnership and cross sector collaboration.