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Dino Gualtieri

Resp. Commerciale ACEF SpA
Commercio Internazionale
Fiorenzuola D'Arda (PC) - Italia

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  • Nome Azienda: ACEF SpA
  • Nome e Cognome: Dino Gualtieri
  • CAP: 29017
  • Città: Fiorenzuola D'Arda
  • Provincia: PC
  • Nazione: Italia
  • Lingua preferita: IT
  • Sito web: Non disponibile
  • Settore: Commercio Internazionale


Export Manager reporting to Board of Directors (BoD) with 18+ years experience in the Pharma/Biotech, Clinical Diagnostics & Export sector. Proven success in sales & marketing and business development with start-ups to major biotechnology companies. Core competencies include Export Dpt. management, Int’l Sales & Marketing, strategic marketing, market analysis, identifying and prioritizing new market opportunities, new product development and launch, project management and scientific communication. Organization of workshops & meetings, public speaking, organization & participation at congresses and exhibitions.


Curriculum vitae

Feb. 2016 – present ACEF S.p.A. (Fiorenzuola d’Arda – Piacenza, Italy) - Export Manager International Markets, Raw Materials
• As the responsible person for the Export Department, reporting to the BoD, my tasks are the followings:
Sales & Marketing management, strengthen and developing the Int’l export business of Raw Materials for the Cosmetic, Chemical, Pharma and Nutraceutical markets in the B2B sector, market analysis & value, competitor analysis, design and implement export business strategies and activities, developing business plans and sales forecast, sales opportunities, formulating Sales Agreements with Key Accounts, customer compliance and satisfaction, supervise exportation of Dual Use materials, EU/non EU Customs codex, international sector exhibitions.
• I do supervise efficient working of sales staff, agents and distributors to ensure compliance to all export objectives and design sales & distribution activities according to customer requirement.
• I coordinate the translation of all useful documentation for the internationalization of my Dpt. (TDS, CoA, MSDS, etc..), and for the development of the business, together with QA, QC, Manufacturing and logistics.
• I have strong Technical and Scientific competencies in Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical sector which, combined to my 18+ years Sales & Marketing experience, offer solutions to the client and follow the customers in their decision making and help establishing a long lasting business partnership.
• Countries where I mainly focus on at the moment are Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Maghreb, Latin America and Asia.
• Turnover 2017 vs. Turnover 2016 = +9% Turnover 2016 vs. Turnover 2015 = +35%

Jan. 2007 – Jan. 2016 Thermo Fisher Scientific SpA - CDD (Milano, Italy) - Clinical Sales & Marketing Manager, North Italy
• In 2007 startup of the infectious disease market for Procalcitonin (a diagnostic Biomarker for infectious diseases / Sepsis) and in charge of North Italy with an annual turnover increase of roughly +33% (Turnover 2015 = 2.450.000 Euro +37%).
• The launch of other modern Biomarker, of the Procalcitonin POC (Point of Care) and the KRYPTOR Compact Plus followed.
• My responsibilities have been Sales & Marketing activities such as business plan, after sales management, market analysis & value, competitor analysis, project management, interaction with administration for tenders/private acquisitions, CRM, reporting, customer payment monitoring, agencies and business partner management (e.g. Roche Diagnostics, Siemens Diagnostics, BioMerieux, DASIT).
• I have started and completed many scientific evaluations and clin. trials (which have been also published) for the commercialization of new products of high importance for the Thermo Fisher portfolio.
• I managed 3 team member (Clinical Sales Specialist) in my area of competence.
• I have organized and performed promotional & scientific education at customer-KOL-Hospital level (University Hospitals and non).
• I used to organize and speak at scientific events (workshop, symposia, congresses) increasing the visibility of Thermo Fisher Scientific Italia and reaching 80% of target customers and increase the relationship and sales.
• 89% of the Hospitals & private Hosp. of my former Area were using my biomarkers (mainly Procalcitonin).
• I managed a yearly Budget of 15.000Euros for clinical evaluations, scientific events, etc…

Sep. 2002 – Dec. 2006 ARTEMIS NUTRITIONALS EUROPE – an IPRONA SpA group (Lana – Bolzano, Italy)
Global Sales & Marketing Manager
• Start up and global responsibility for the Extracts Business of red fruits and Nutraceutical Business.
• Proven track record of Sales with EU & Asian customers (MEIJI SEIKA-Tokyo, SHINYO TSUSHO-Kyoto, WEDAR-Taiwan, VITAJOI-China).
• As Sales & Marketing Manager, my responsibilities have been, marketing plan & strategic planning in accordance with Managing Director, budgeting and controlling, market analysis & value, competitor analysis, acquisition of Key Accounts, marketing & sales support to agents and distributors, development of Mkt. material (e.g. web site), close cooperation with R&D.
• I developed Blackberry 20% Extract Capsules with Bausch & Lomb France; I developed Blackcurrant 7% Extract Capsules with Meiji Seika TOKYO (Japan).
• I cooperated with European and Japanese research institutes and int’l companies for developing new Nutraceutical and Phytoterapical products (e.g. Stresszenter Universität Graz –Austria, Bausch & Lomb Montpellier – France, MEIJI SEIKA Tokyo – Japan).
• Main results in Sales: as Sales & Marketing Manager I managed the B2B sales reaching a turnover of 3,2Mio. Euros.
• Main results obtained cooperating with the R&D department:
- Increase the percentage of Anthocyanins of dried Blackberry to 25%.
- Increase the percentage of Anthocyanins of dried Blackcurrant to 20%.
- Increase the productivity of 7,5%, with 11% of cost reduction and 21% of gross margin increase.

Oct. 2001 – Sep. 2002 Organon Italia SpA (Roma, Italy) - Medical Sales Representative, Trentino Alto Adige Area
• I have managed the promotion of the product portfolio at doctors and KOL.
• I have organized training meetings with doctors.
• I have managed the preparation of reports, presentations and promotion material.
• I achieved my assigned budget and exceeded for 5%

Oct. 1998 – Oct. 2001 Farmacia S. Anna (Bolzano, Italy) - Pharmacist

Oct. 1996 – Jun. 1998 Chiron Vaccines SpA – actual GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines (Siena, Italy)
Project Manager
• In October 1996 I changed my employment status from Area Sales Manager to Project Manager within the same company.
• I managed a team of 10 members for development and launch of the first combined Flu Vaccines with Adjuvant in the world (FluAd). The project has been finalized with 1 month in advance compared to program increasing the sales of 43% with reference to plan.
• I defined, planned and structured as team leader projects, coordinate and control the project teams in Italy and USA.

Oct. 1995 – Oct. 1996 Chiron Vaccines SpA – actual GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines (Siena, Italy)
Area Sales Manager Central & Eastern Europe & ex-Soviet countries
• Start up and management of the vaccine market of the assigned territory, unexplored at this time, also taking part at tender.
• Market Analysis, Sector Analysis and Analysis of target companies for possible acquisitions.
• Agency creation and acquisition of distributors; scientific education of the staff.

Jan. 1994 – Oct. 1995 Schelkes Apotheke (Freiburg, Germany) - Pharmacist

May. 1993 – Nov. 1993 Pharm Allergan GmbH (Karlsruhe, Germany)
Internship in Pharmaceutical Company
• Drug Regulatory Affairs activities. A 6 month internship as preparation for the Qualifying Examination as Pharmacist

Oct. 1992 – Mar. 1993 Schelkes Apotheke (Freiburg, Germany)
internship in Pharmacy
• A 6 month internship as preparation for the Qualifying Examination as Pharmacist


July 2017 New International Custom Codex at BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL, Milan (Italy)

February 2017 Organization of the training Handling of Dual Use Raw Materials at ACEF SpA, Fiorenzuola D’Arda (Italy)

September 2011 Advancement Training on Communication & Negotiation at MORE, Milan (Italy)

July 2011 Health Technology Assessment (HTA), Cost-Benefit Analysis & Project Management at MORE, Milan (Italy)

April 2011 Advancement Training on Leadership, ROLE of the LEADER – ROL, at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Rodano (Italy)

October 2010 Advancement Training on Sales at MORE, Rome (Italy)

2007-2009 Several Scientific Trainings at BRAHMS GmbH, Hennigsdorf (Germany)

April 2005 Key Account Management at WIFI, Bolzano (Italy)

April 2004 Time Management as a Success Factor at WIFI, Bolzano (Italy)

January 1998 Lost in Space, Communication within Int’l Project Teams at Bridge the DistanceInternational USA, Siena (Italy)

December 1997 Lavorare per Progetti / working for projects at STUDIO AMBROSETTI, Siena-Milan (Italy)

June 1997 Effective Project Management at THE CENTER for PROFESSIONAL MANGEMENT, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

January 1997 Batch Record Review and Investigations at PHARMANET Inc., Siena (Italy)

June 1996 Basic Marketing, Intensive Edition at Scuola di Direzione Aziendale – SDA Bocconi, Milan (Italy)


• Co-Author with Prof. Sepp Porta of the book “Biopolyphenole und Magnesium - südsteirische Schätze” Biopolyphenols from Elderberry & Magnesium as an anti-fatigue mixture in oxidative stress situations. Publication year: 2006
A clinical study carried out by the Clinical Stress Center of Graz (Austria), by Univ. Prof. Sepp Porta et al. in 2004


Dec. 1993 Qualifying Examination as Pharmacist

June 1992 B.Sc. Degree in PHARMACY – Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg (Germany)

July 1985 Scientific European Baccalaureate – European School of Karlsruhe (Germany)


Written Spoken Read
German Mother tongue Mother tongue Mother tongue
English Professional Professional Professional
French Professional Professional Professional

I used to live for more than 18 years in Germany and went to an international school, growing up with 3 foreign languages.


Excellent knowledge of IOS and MS Windows systems, of the Windows Office Programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) and the
e-mail programs (Internet Explorer, Google, Lotus Notes).


I love to travel, the contact with people and foreign languages. I ride motorbike, play drums and guitar and I am very much enthusiastic of Jazz, Funk-Jazz and Acid-Jazz music.





Some major achievements:
• In my actual position as Export Manager, also in 2017 I have increased sales vs. 2016 by +9% (1,553 Mio. Euro Turnover 2016 vs. 1,7Mio. Euro Turnover 2017).
• I have been able to establish several new customers and distributors and increase sales in my first working year at ACEF SpA as Export Manager vs. 2015 by +35%, from 1,143 Mio. Euro (Turnover 2015) to 1,553 Mio. Euro (Turnover 2016).
In my last role as Clinical Marketing Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific, I have been able to increase the turnover of my area of responsibility by +/-33% per year, from roughly 60.000 Euro in 2007 to +/- 2.4Mio. Euro in 2015 (direct and business partner sales).