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From the store to the virtual store

THE IDEA: To create a truly innovative experience in
THE style, we thought of an exclusive virtual party on
the planet Kepler - 186F, the most similar planet to Earth.
At the opening party of the new amazing first flagship
store THE that will be accessible only through VR
technology, the unique way to take part at the
presentation of the New THE Collection17.
The registration on the App will be necessary to be
included on the limited “Guest list”!

In each store THE of the world, you can pick up
“THE cardboard glasses” and a link to download the
app dedicated to the sensory experience. The modalities of withdrawal of the cardboard glasses, can be free or after entry or a purchase ... This is already a first big event! Publicized on social networks will create long lines outside stores THE, because it is the only way to take part in the exclusive party.
Shall be fixed the opening day, so that as of that date, all holders of the cardboard glasses, after downloading the app and having registered as guests at the event, will be admitted to the party.

MECHANICS: The “Gaze based selection system” technology developed to explore the
Virtual Party, will allow the user to interact with the enviorement, objects, products and
people. Like in a real party, it would be even more engaging talking to other users with
the smartphone microphone. The music comes from the console of a famous DJ, which VIRTUAL PARTY launches new successes of next season, you can listen through cardboard glasses!
EXPERIENCE PROGRESSION: The Experience will start in hallway reserved for the guests on the list. The walls of the room/hallway will open as a cardboard box, showing to the user where he really is: into the party, on the planet. After this amazing start, the host will be able and encouraged to go around the party.
A barman teaches you to prepare a new exclusive THE cocktail • The “Store” will
have a lot of mirrors that will allow you to see yourself with many different THE
clothes • Watching a dress, you enter the relevant section and you can see the whole
collection when the counter reaches zero. At that moment you will be able to buy
directly through the e - commerce section where you can find also the THE “Virtual
Party” dedicated merchandising.
As a real party the “Opening” of the event will have a
fixed date and time, and will see the participation of a world famous DJ playing live.
After the opening party, it will be possible to live anyway the experience. The app will be able to send push messages for all future news from THE planet.
In fact, the app can be already enabled the reading
augmented reality, geolocation, upon detection of
beacons, and to all that it will be deemed necessary by the company.
The adv campaign will have the creation of social pages dedicated to the THE party on Kepler, to increase the buzz and become viral


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