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H2biz MED is the first Mediterranean HUB that brings together 380,000 companies and professionals from Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Oman, EAU and Qatar.

A large area of ​​exchange for goods and services across Europe and Africa.

The choice of the Mediterranean area as a reference is not accidental. All network link to the East (China, India) or to the countries of Latin America, exposing a reservoir of 400 million potential customers (the Mediterranean).

H2biz, however, has decided to focus on the oldest commercial area in the world to enhance its strategic position (Italy is the center of the Mediterranean) and exploit the potential for recovery of the countries of North Africa.

The logistics of H2biz MED

The logistics of H2biz Group is already operating in the Mediterranean.

H2biz MED ProjectThe Paris office, which is responsible for operating the MED countries of the western (France, Spain) and matrix-speaking countries, has been operating for a year.

The headquarters H2biz in Budva (Montenegro) coordinates the development of networks in the countries of the Eastern Europe (Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece and Turkey).

The new office in Tangier (Morocco) coordinates the growth of MED in North Africa.

The Numbers H2biz MED

Languages: 4 (Italian, English, French, Spanish)

Countries: 16 (Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Oman, EAU and Qatar)

Headquarters: 4 (Naples, Paris, Budva, Tangiers)

Users H2biz MED by country (09/30/2012):

- 93,016 Italy (premium users H2biz)
- 21,708 France
- 22,231 Serbia, Albania, Montenegro
- 14,286 Spain
- 11,518 Greece
- 16,362 Turkey
- 175,498 North Africa
- 27,608 Oman, EAU, Qatar

Total: 380,227

How it works

In H2biz MED can sell (products and services), trade (exchange goods, buying groups), find lenders for your projects (ideas for funding), promote your events, develop your relationships (and community groups, partnership), manage human resources (recruiting).

With MED H2biz your target market will be not only your country but around the Mediterranean!

H2biz Global HUB

In your profile and all your tabs (products, services, events) will carry a logo "MED" that will identify you as belonging to the new hub of the Mediterranean ... watch an Example

H2biz has a database of 15 million business contacts, companies and professionals operating in the Mediterranean, and promuovela your activities in collaboration with its international partners.

Every week we send a newsletter H2biz sectoral and geographical. You can then profile the target of your foreign customers and decide to be present in a given area or a specific geographic area or all.

H2biz has signed 16 Memoranda of Understanding with many foreign partners who will promote the development of the new hub in the respective countries (23 more agreements are being negotiated).

You get the new Multilingual Operations Centre (12 operators h24) that will support you in defining and positioning of your products and services H2biz MED and will help you handle relations / relations with foreign operators.

You can use all existing platforms / applications H2biz and those that will be implemented in the future.

H2biz MED is free

H2biz MED is free for all non-italian members.

H2biz MED, a new market of 400 million potential customers!

380,227 users have already joined H2biz MED!

Log in MED, let's activate your Profile, click here

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