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EurAmerica is an international network that aims to help european and american companies to export in BRICS area (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).

The project stems from the fact that the export is the only positive asset in the financial statements of west's companies and the BRICS countries are the only ones that grow in double digits.

EurAmerica want to turn this disadvantage into a competitive advantage, an opportunity for european and american entrepreneurs.

The goal of EurAmerica is to build a canal between US-EU-MERCOSUR and BRICS, a trade corridor through which to transit products and services, connected to the MED, already operating in the Med-Gulf area.

H2biz International Network

H2biz International Network (2013)

The new network will also work as an aggregator of vertical networks to develop specialized industry sectors.

The project involves 48 international partners.

The numbers of Euramerica

EurAmerica born already great being able to rely on the 540,000 recorded in H2biz MED, which will add the operators in North America, in Mercosur (Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela) and members of vertical networks that will join the project.

How work EurAmerica

EurAmerica's members have a multi-language and multi-network profile that will:

- Buy and sell goods and services in all currencies
- Negotiate patents, licenses and royalty
- Search for business partners and lenders
- Develop international projects

The instruments of EurAmerica

EurAmerica will have a multi-channels operating structure:

a Research Department to provide to members all the strategic information on BRICS
four commercial corridors (EU-US, EU-BRICS, EU-MERCOSUR; BRICS-USA)
- the logistics of the H2biz Group (4 locations in Europe and one in the USA) and of the project partners (27 locations in Europe, 15 in the U.S. and 9 in BRICS).

EurAmerica use the H2biz's platforms, those of the MED and those of the vertical network partners.

The platform EurAmerica integrate all the applications of network participants in one system.

Participate in EurAmerica

Access to EurAmerica is free.

The project is open to all contributions.

If you want to join in EurAmerica or want to become a partner, please register or contact us

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