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Brand / Marchio: Pirelli
Settore: Automotive
Città: Milano (MI)
Sito Web: http://www.pirelli.com

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Founded in 1872, Pirelli is a leading global tyre manufacturer with a distinctive focus on high - end segments, leader in the Prestige segment and between the primary firms in the Premium segment.
Partnering with the best car makers worldwide, Pirelli has a portfolio of more than 2,000 homologated tyres which fit the personality of each car model, designed and tested to achieve perfect driving. Pirelli also produces motorcycle, truck, bus and agricultural tyres.

With a commercial presence in more than 160 countries, the company has 20 manufacturing facilities on four continents and almost 37,000 employees.

Pirelli is distinguished by a long industrial tradition, which combines a capacity for innovation with product quality and brand strength. This strength is further enhanced by Formula 1™, for which Pirelli is the exclusive tyre supplier since 2011 and recently renewed its contract with FIA for another three years, from 2017 to 2019: this is a key means of promoting the Pirelli brand but also an important challenge in terms of technological innovation.

In line with the 'green performance' strategy, Pirelli’s research and development operates with ever increasing attention to products and services of high quality and technology and low environmental impact. Pirelli engineers’ team, which counts more than 1,400 engineers, is spread between 10 R&D centers co - ordinated from Milan. Pirelli has more than 150 innovation projects with university departments and a variety of other suppliers. With more than 5,000 patents on product, process and material - related innovations, the search for the next exciting concept never ends.



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